Welcome to 2018 and The View From the Studio Door

Converting the promise of art into the practice of art.

Welcome to the first blog for AP Studio Art, let’s see if you can grab this bit of technology and put some solid conversation into it (for some of you this is easy – for others… well… it’s going to be a stretch – and that’s OK!) We begin our chapter in the blog-o-sphere by allowing YOU to be in charge. A very special thanks to author Ted Orland for the second of his books on what it takes to make art (that you don’t necessarily learn in school) and the conversation he has added to our conversation about his book and thoughts. We are going to explore the ideas and concerns that we, as artists, have with the world that we are in.

The obstacles are many, as Ted Orland states, “the first step to building a life in the arts is simply getting past the obstacles that keep the initial brush stroke from ever reaching the canvas in the first place.” What are the obstacles that are in your way, every day in the classroom and out of the classroom, that inhibit you making your best artwork? As you read, as you make your art, remember to make art that is the conceptual leap from the last work. Make sure you are making art that matters to you. Make art that fits into your days and lifestyle. Don’t fret, don’t get all worked up… just work.

Appreciate what we have together – community. This may be one of the few groups that you will belong to where what you do, what you make, is valued as much as it is! The way our blog works is this… you have all been awarded chapters that you will be reading and sketching out your responses to in our blog. After the appropriate reading / sketching of it, you will make the first “post” that everyone will be contributing to. There are very specific posting dates that EVERYONE must meet. Monday – when the sketch is due – is the day our post will be up and part of the blog page.

I have assigned the Chapters as weekly sketchbook assignments (yes Sammy – sketchbook assignments) to see where in the journey you currently are and where you have already been. You – the chapter reader –  will read the chapter each week, create a sketchbook SKETCH and POST it to the website (I’ll demonstrate) with a brief response to the chapter. The posting and artwork will be a sketchbook grade.


Chapter 1 – Making Sense of the World
Chapter 2 – Making Sense of Art
Chapter 3 – Art and Society
Chapter 4 – The Education of the Artist
Chapter 5 – Surviving Graduation
Chapter 6 – Audience
Chapter 7 – From Monet to Money
Chapter 8 – Making Art that Matters
Chapter 9 – Ecology 
Chapter 10 – A Community of Artists

2 Replies to “Welcome to 2018 and The View From the Studio Door”

  1. Great Ted. Thank you. I am super excited to get rolling with these artists. Great group. I’ll share this with them Tuesday. Have a great night Ted.

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