3. Art and Society


I will venture to conclude, however, that what the arts were for – an embodiment and reinforcement of socially shared significance – is what we crave and are preishing for today.”  

– Ellen Dissanayake  

Does the artist have a role in today’s culture?

A lot of what Ted wrote made a lot of sence in relations to the art of today and society. I have thought about going into the art field many a times but the most common reply is that it doesn’t pay well if your not famous, you won’t get ahead in your life, you won’t ammound to anything, or you won’t have a successful life; or anything else on the lines of that. Also, to comment about how people don’t believe that art is relivant to making advances in the world or at all, they are very wrong. In early times that’s all that people did. They thought deeply about things, invented and disovered and they made art; lots and lots of it. Just think, eveything around you is art. Architecture is art. At first only well off people got extravigant houses which they payed artist to make. Or they payed them to make sculpures to decorate their houses with. Art was also made to educate people, like in churches. When people couldn’t read they could look at the stain glass and know the story. Also think about all the progress people made durring the renaissance peroid and how it has effected society today. Like Ted said, if people would support the arts in their community, then the world would turn out to be a much better place.

~J. Fioritta

11 Replies to “3. Art and Society”

  1. When are you going to run for public office and where can I cast my vote? There is a lot to be said for commuities supporting their public arts projects. I look to the Walker’s Point part of Milwaukee and see the great things the Walkers Point Center for the Arts does there. Where else does Public Art help kids and societies? There are, surely, countless ways that local artists are helping to guide children through challenging points in their lives and keeping them out of trouble. Do those groups get the credit they deserve or are they aspects of society that are so easily overlooked and ignored, front pages of the newspaper going to the troubled portions of the city?
    ~ Fkorb

  2. I totally know where your coming from on the art in communities issues. There are a lot of communities that do support their local artists, but there are also a lot of areas that dont get support because of the area or its economic status. They either just dont have the money or time to care about art. Thats what i believe happens in 9 out of 10 communities are having issues with. We are in a horrible down turn, and people cant afford to go out to just enjoy art, they have to work and take care of kids and bills and school. What jenna said about people supporting their artists, I think really would produce a better world. If not at least a more colorful world.

  3. I totally agree with Jenna, Art should be supported because it is an important part of a community. Art is something of value and meaning that should be respected by passerby. Many people would learn to appreciate art and in turn learn to be more respectful torward the world. However it is true that if you do take up a career in art, it is possible that you will struggle to find a job. that’s why I think that should be like that. Art is very popular in the united stated with some people that are very interested in it enoeugh to take a profession in. Anyway I thought that this chapter was very beneficial to read. IT really got me thinking of who your audience is. Society has its people thinking that art making is a cake walk, but dont really understand that it much harder than that. Art has its mark making and the emotional feel of the peice and how that artist was feeling while making it. However if the world was a perfect place we wouldnt have any of those comments being made. But that is only one part of the society. Society has its group that will like your drawing and others that dont care for it. You just have to find your audience even if it is not a local one.

  4. First of all, I would like to say that this chapter made me think of Mr. Korb, and what he says all the time – That art is not something that comes to you over night, but is actually a result of hard work and a lot of effort.

    I agree with the four people above me – that Art should be encouraged and promoted by society and communities, not shoved to the back of people’s minds to appreciate “when they have time or money”. Though, what artists today have to realize is that there are a LOT more people in the world, and, while that means there will be more art-appreciative people, it also means more people who will think that they have something better to spend their time on. It seems that society has transformed from a (what we assume to have been a more relaxed), art-thriving time to a time where everything is so fast-paced and on-demand that people do not think they have time to stop and appreciate fine art.
    If people were able to break of this vicious cycle we have fallen into and stop to pay attention to the details of life that we have become accustomed to, such as art, the world would likely be a much better place. The only issue is getting our society there. Unfortunately, our society seems to be falling into a downward spiral of worrying about getting the next pay check in the bank, and not focusing on art.

  5. i completely agree with jenna. art is what can make up the world, everybody in all aspects of life has art touch them at some point and time. from the cave men to now. people use art as a way of expressing themselves. It doesn’t matter what they use it for, but its always a way to express emotions. art doesn’t just have to be a drawing or painting ether. Music can also be considered as art as well. as least i think it is considered to be art. thats my opinion tho. i also consider some types of writing art. play writes make artwork on stage, and poets on a piece of typing paper. its all art to me. thats y art in our society is everywhere, and i dont think is going anywhere through out time.

  6. It still bugs me how Ted says “Art plays no clear role in society”. I think that is a crazy thing to say because to me art plays a very clear role. Every building, computer, and peice of arcetecture and technology started out as a drawn out plan and a figurine. Everything was made by creative minds and are works of art weather its pretty or not.

  7. Indeed, it annoys me as well that there are quite a few communities that do not support their artists. Honestly, where would anything be without art? Without some form of creativity? We’d still look like we’re in the stone age. Also, it is as though as artists we need to sell ourselves (our artwork) to the world and it is no easy task in doing so. It takes time and a lot of commitment to your work to earn some gold. and I enjoyed the humor in exchanging exercising commercial words with “art” ;it gave me a good chuckle. 😀

  8. Art is a form of awareness, in which everyone in a society can be presented with an idea, and everyone can relate in a universal way. The more people are aware of art and its effects on society, the better off the society will be. In order for people to recognize art , first the art needs to be reach by the public. From there people need to learn and appreciate it for what it is. Simple, we need art to be available to the public, and its that easy.

  9. I agree with Jenna. The art world is more than just becoming famous. Many things involve art and require some education of art. Art is everywhere, and when people say that artists don’t make any amount of money is just wrong. Everything can be related to art, and everything has some sort of art background.
    I also agree with Carli. When Ted says that “art plays no clear role in society”, because, like I said, everything has art. But, in reality, no one cares. It sounds harsh, but it’s kind of true. I’m not saying that Ted doesn’t care, but there are plenty of people that don’t.

  10. Without having the chapter in front of me, I can’t be sure Mr. Orland really states that “Art plays no clear role in society” as Carli stated it did. I think that there are plenty of people who believe this, but I am pretty sure Mr. Orland isn’t onr of them. I will have to refer to the book and see what the context is.

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