Feather’s Photographs – Animal Art

The following images (except the image of Feather herself) were created “by” Feather, Ted Orland’s lovable cat. She prefers the $49 “Pet’s Eye View” digital camera. This collar mounted camera makes a maximum of 40 –  640 x 480 pixel pictures. The camera can be set to automatically take a picture every 1, 5, or 15 minutes.

“It’s really FUN to collect the camera at the end of the day and see where she’s been!” – Ted Orland

Enjoy the images… and who says animals don’t “make art”?

2 Replies to “Feather’s Photographs – Animal Art”

  1. i must say that camera/collar is the coolest idea i have ever seen. me personally? I’m always sort of curious as to what pets are doing when humans aren’t around. They’re such interesting creatures to begin with and just thinking about the side of them you don’t get to see amazes me. I don’t even have a pet and i might actually consider buying one of these. I like “blue pot ivy” alot. very cool images!


  2. So happy to see that people are looking at what Feather is doing with her time. Now… the artist in me agrees with the idea that the blue pot is a cool photography… I’d go into my reasons here now but… Ineed to know why DFell feels that it is a successful image. What are the aesthetics behind it that make it “cool?”

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